Kahuna Reiki Course

Advanced Course

Kahuna Reiki is for Master Practitioners who have completed the Master Training. This course is an advanced course, providing advanced symbols that will further enhance your energy work The connection with the additional advanced symbols is a very Earthing & Heart focused energy that is very distinct from Usui and Sei Chem. Kahuna Reiki has its foundations in Hawaiian culture, activating the Kundalini flow within each initiate to their highest energy source.

The Hawaiians recognise the Trinity of our Psychology. With a deeper connection on all levels we are bought into stronger alignment and enlightenment.

  1. Higher Self - Amakua
  2. Soul - Uhani
  3. Concious Self/Inner Child - Unihipilli
  4. "The Way of Compasoinate Energy"

You will learn 11 extra symbols and the energy that each produce. The course teaches deeper meditation, working with spirit, expanding awareness and treatment methods.

The attunement process in previous levels focus on opening the physical body to receive more universal life force energy, with Kahuna Reiki we are opening and connecting to the higher spiritual energies and energy centers that exist outside of our physical.  Much like tuning in a radio to a specific frequency we tune our whole energetic system physically and spiritually.