Reiki Training Videos
Learn from the comfort of your own home, in your own time and at your own pace.
All the content of the face-to-face course has been recorded on video, and delivered straight to you, in your home. No travel time, just your learning time!
  • In this course, you will be able to complete each module that is specifically designed with you in mind.
  • Have the flexibility to complete modules on your break, on the bus, on the train or over breakfast, it’s your choice, it’s your course.

Beginnings Center introduces this course, never seen before, now as online training. Offering teachings old and new, all aimed to increase your knowledge as you step into the light energy of heightened awareness.
Expand your healing skills, enhance your client experience and increase your spiritual awareness so that you can connect to the infinite possibilities that exist all at once all around us.

This content-rich course draws on over 10 years of experience from International Healing Masters that will give you, life-changing healing, that you can share with your loved ones and your clients.
You will be able to dig deep within the reserves of your psyche, safely and smoothly, bringing parts of yourself into the radiant light of healing.

If you are looking for healing, empowerment, transformation, and direction on the path of enlightenment, then this is the course for you.
At the completion of all modules, you will enjoy a 1 hour phone consultation or in person, to go over any queries and sharing that will further integrate your learning. Upon completion, you will be certified in the Intuitive Healing Systems 1 Day Course with a certificate presented to you through the post.
By purchasing the online course for $240 you will be emailed a password that will gain you access to all modules to watch through the Beginnings Center website and the Workbook.
To gain access all you have to do is enter the password I email you and you will have access to all videos in this course.
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