Reiki 3 - Masters

Reiki 3, Masters, Shinpiden, “Mystery Teaching”

Learning the symbols and how to use them to specialise your treatments for each client.

The 1st symbol works at the physical level of healing.

The 2nd symbol works at the emotional level of healing.

The 3rd symbol, the most powerful of all 3, will assist you to connect light healing to people over distanct, similar to that of radio wave signals.

You will gain enhanced intuition which will play a greater role in your treatments as the focus at this level of healing is on both you and others.

  • Learn 3 Master Symbols
  • Give attunements for all levels
  • How to set out your manual
  • Karmic relationships
  • Karmic release
  • Teaching all levels of Reiki
  • Each symbol in attunements   
  • Usui Reiki attunements
  • Seichem Reiki attunements
  • What to include in your course
  • How to teach content
  • Usui Reiki aggreement
  • Business section
  • Setting up your business
  • Marketing on a budget
  • The laws of attraction
  • Responsibility
  • Being a Master
The program is tailored to your personal needs and students receive attunement to the master symbol which, again, increases your energy vibration dramatically.



Let an experienced Reiki Master align your whole being to higher levels of energy so you can treat yourself, share that higher energy with your loved ones and others. It’s like tuning into a radio frequency to pick a clear channel except you are tuning into the creative energy of our Source, God, the Universe whatever you perceive is the one. With this higher energy you can spread healing to the world, treating people, events, animals, all manner of life. Shine brighter and inspire others to do the same.