Reiki 1

In Reiki 1, Shoden “Beginning”

Reiki will allow you to connect with yourself and others in a way that promotes and supports your unique and personal journey in life. Through what is called an attunement process, we open the physical body to recieve more universal life force energy. Much like tunning in a radio to a specific frequency we tune the body in to recieving a higher energy frequency. After the first degree, you will have Reiki for the rest of your life, constantly and consistently flowing freely. Course will include:
  • Learn 16 treatment hand positions
  • 7 Chakra system in the body
  • Chakra connected to organs
  • Energetic pathways in the body
  • History of Reiki - How Reiki came into the western world
  • History of healing
  • What causes illness in our body
  • Energetic pathways in the body
  • Expansion meditation
  • Breathing techniques
  • 5 Reiki principles
  • How to enjoy more energy in life
  • Our soul energy in relation to Reiki
  • How to sleep restfully
  • How to attune to different energies
  • How to attune to different energies
  • Intuitive Healing Systems bonus
  • Give yourself a treatment
  • Give a treatment to others