Types of Treatments
 Reiki treatments are individually tailored to the client’s needs and condition.
All treatments can be performed over distance and are structured with a phone call at the beginning of the treatment
and at the end for a summary and debrief.
Here are some general indication what Reiki treatments are available at Beginnings Center.
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Pregnancy Treatment

Pregnancy Treatment

Treatment to assist with any morning sickness, Mum and babies health and development, allow yourself to drift off in the wonderful relaxing energy of Reiki. For these treatments expecting mothers lay on their side with pregnancy pillow to support comfort.

Revitalise Treatment

Taylored treatments involves gathering information to construct a treatment that best suits your life and any situation.
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Timeout Treatment

Timeout from the world and any worries drift away as you are guided through visualization that brings peace and serenity. Through out this journey you receive Reiki to aid in you personal growth.
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Harmonizing Chakra

Open up and align all your energy chakra’s to receive a harmonizing balancing treatment. Allow such an alignment to align you to your purpose in every moment of your life.
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Other Treatments

Past life Treatment, Soul Recovery,Transform Fear into Strength, Psychic Surgery Treatment, Crystal Treatment, Spirit Animal Treatment, Spirit Guides, Forgiveness Treatment, Growth and Development, Grief and Loss Treatment, Addictions Treatment, Parts Integration, Life Contracts Treatment.
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Group Treatments

For all Reiki practitioners who are looking to develop and understand the subtle meaning of the energy that felt during a Reiki treatment so you can purposefully direct each treatment as per clients, friends and family needs.