Reiki 2

In Reiki 2, Okuden “Deeper Knowledge"

Learning the symbols and how to use them to specialise your treatments for each client.

The 1st symbol works at the physical level of healing.

The 2nd symbol works at the emotional level of healing.

The 3rd symbol, the most powerful of all 3, will assist you to connect light healing to people over distance, similar to that of radio wave signals.

You will gain enhanced intuition which will play a greater role in your treatments as the focus at this level of healing is on both you and others.

  • 3 Usui traditional symbols
  • Advanced Reiki 2 symbols Sei Chem Style
  • Cleanse and clear rooms, houses etc
  • Treat emotional issues
  • Give distance treatments
  • How to ground yourself through the symbols
  • Connect easily with people
  • How to treat animals
  • How to cleanse, clear and energise crystals
  • Learn the advanced 12 Chakra system
  •  Connects to higher energies
  • Healing habits 
  • Give a a tailored treatment to self & others
  • How to protect yourself
  • How Reiki came into the western world
  • Intuitive Healing Systems bonus session
  • Connect to your higher self
  • How to attune to different energies
  • Intuitve treatment method
  • How to treat past life trauma's
  • Send healing to the world & events

Program powerful affirmations for yourself and others.  Powerful help for:

  • sleeplessness,
  • addictions,
  • depression, or nervousness